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Learn how to fix your own car with my easy to follow, step-by-step how to style videos for both beginners and experts. Save money, know the job is getting done properly, and feel great after you fix your own car!

I publish new videos around every 10 days so stay tuned!

I take a lot of pride in my "How to" videos because I like to help others learn how to fix their car. I film, edit and publish each video on my own. They are concise with all of the essential information so anyone can follow along and fix their car from beginners to experts. I have had many viewers comment and let me know how I have taught them how to fix their car themselves and save them $$$ and I love it!

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14:4310 Winter Car TIPS \u0026 TRICKS you NEED to Know
27:43How to Repair a DEEP SCRATCH in Car Paint (DIY)
20:48How To Super Clean Cloth and Leather Seats
How To Super Clean Cloth and Leather SeatsPregleda 2 mil.Prije 3 mjeseci
13:52How to Fix a Car that Idles Poorly (Rough Idle)
How to Fix a Car that Idles Poorly (Rough Idle)Pregleda 1,9 mil.Prije 6 mjeseci
26:45How to Remove Spray Paint from a VANDALIZED Car
How to Remove Spray Paint from a VANDALIZED CarPregleda 3,2 mil.Prije 7 mjeseci
17:18DIY Odor Remover (For Your Car)
DIY Odor Remover (For Your Car)Pregleda 1,7 mil.Prije 11 mjeseci
29:11How to Detail Faded Paint by Hand (Paint Correction)
23:19How to Install LED Bed Lights (Fun DIY Project)
6:16Ride Along in my Drift Car (Virtual Reality)
40:19I Bought My DREAM CAR and it's AMAZING!!!
I Bought My DREAM CAR and it's AMAZING!!!Pregleda 11 mil.Prije godine
21:06How Brake Pads are Made
How Brake Pads are MadePregleda 2,5 mil.Prije godine
13:29How To Replace a Water Pump and Save $783
How To Replace a Water Pump and Save $783Pregleda 2,2 mil.Prije godine


  • Great video. You’re awesome.

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  • Or...just park in the garage... I'm joking, awesome video 😀👍

  • uuhhhmmm chrisfix can you put many vynils to your next vid

  • Great job Chris as always, thank you

  • I tell people how much they could save to do this shit on there own. If I leave it to someone else. I'm looking at a bare minimum of roughly $1,600/$2,300 for parts and labor. On my own all I need are the parts. And I even went a little further. I added all new shocks and struts with lowering springs and bushing. That cost me over all $500.

  • man I'm so proud of you ❤️


  • I'm a beginner and trying to change my own brakes. I heard that you are supposed to take off the brake fluid cap while you work on breaks. Is that true? Thank you

  • So was this vandalism Nah....I'm just lazy trash

  • your tutorial is so prefect..detail explanation..i guess you must be study in hvac engineering field.

  • Extremely Underrated, Good Job Chris!

  • lol the 93 octane is just 89-90 octane in the EU :DDD

  • It won't fog up so yeah! 🤣

  • This is really heartwarming

  • mine is a bugatti

  • Thanks for all of your videos! Really love and enjoy watching them. What brand is your extractor vaccum? Is there a good/bad vaccum or are they all equally god? Thanks Chris!

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  • good vidios chris

  • You probably wont reply to this comment, but at 20:26 your car was throwing flames. And I really questioning myself if thats because you switched your exhaust. So is it because of that?

  • My dream cars are nissan 350z and dodge challenger

  • I’ll give you half a million for that

    • I’m joking I’m not rich

  • kids back in the day without internet was forced to learned the simple lest things like change the oil or tire on a vehicle with little access of knowledge they had but now we have kids who have sources of information this generation and can’t even make classic mac n cheese without looking at the box directions twice lmao

  • Translate Russian language plsss🧼🧼😔😔😔😔

  • great video

  • The way you explain these how to fixes are so simple and easy to follow along. I have a learning disability but I can have a good grasp at mechanics. Unfortunately the people I've tried to learn from do not have the patience to be as thorough yet simple as you are. I really like this content and I'll be sure to subscribe and link your videos to friends I have that may need the guidence you provide. Thank you, this made everything very easy to learn and gave me confidence that I might be able to do these projects on my own without going to a commercially over priced shop.

  • Hey Chris! I have been a fan for a long time, and I have a question. Can you show us how too high pressure can damage car paint? (Pressure washer) I have wondered how it can damage paint for a long time. Thanks

  • Your comment got a ❤ from ChrisFix btw more electrical projects please. you literally haven't done anything fun electrical in years.

  • I could hardly undo a tight nut, let alone replacing the starter. There must be a knack of doing so.

  • i am not crying, YOU ARE

  • A Chrysler 200? I’ll pass

  • As usual, i'm completely defeated by rust.

  • some one had big time diarrhea in that seat in the beginning!

  • Who else watched this videos for fun and then had a real problem with there car and he helped fix it

  • That was awful, but no matter how many unnecessary steps he added I kept watching like a train wreck in slow motion just couldn't NOT watch....I'd like those 13 minutes of My life back! Ugh, just awful, ima block future videos from this f guy, just awful

  • These cars sell for 13,000$ + in Pakistan


  • 2:23 antilag wow

  • HEYY GUYYS, CHRISFIX HERE this will never get old i dont even have a car im 14 yr old but i love cars soooooo much that i learn everything now

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