How to Remove Snow WITHOUT Scratching your Car #Shorts

Datum objavljivanja: 1. Vel 2021.
#Shorts (under 60 seconds) ChrisFix Quick Tip
With this ChrisFix Quick Tip, learn how to remove snow from your car without scratching the paint. I also have a tip on preventing the windshield from icing up and to clean off the side view mirrors very easily.
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Microfiber Towel:
Snow Brush:
Windshield Snow Cover:
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  • This is something new HRdown is rolling out called #Shorts where I can provide a 60 sec or less video which I will use for "Quick Tips" if this works out. Let me know what you think... It might be nice to do between videos since the in-depth DIY videos take a long time to make!

    • Love it. Great videos when I’m on the crapper

    • @Vincent Does Stuff is this supposed to be a joke, or actually weather..?

    • @Joseph Skyy hahaha

    • @Jigging with Keaton Whenever the day comes that he finally moves... and is no longer a grown man who lives with his parents. :)

    • Maybe wheels measurements?

  • Hi crisfix

  • @palm lanes

  • Meanwhile I clean snow with a steel tipped shovel. I somehow still have clearcoat

  • yeah but how to remove ice hair dryer?

  • Vertical video :(

  • NIcce

  • Or.... Just Use A Garage that one is my favorite

  • When are you gonna make that honda fast af

  • Chis iknow tour face bcs i have seen your face imma post it in social media

  • What if you got a foot of packed snow on your car? Microfiber ain’t gonna cut it

  • Hey cris if you see this I was wondering what you could use if you didnt have fogging spray for coating the cylinders. So you could start a car that hasn't ran in a while

  • I never remove snow. It will just come off after driving for a while.

  • the snow blower won't work here in Hungary it's cold and warm weather changes so the snow always partly melts and the lower layers always become a hazy jagged ice i use deicer spray the car with it and just use a rubber/plastic ice scraper

  • I thought you knew not to hold the phone vertically.

  • What brand and where do you buy your blue gloves? I like that they go high on the wrist. Thanks.

  • But when the snow is stuck and not powder?

  • I like to use a hammer to remove the snow and it gives a nice sliver colour

  • If it doesn't mess with the algorithm its fine. I love these. But if it does make another youtube channel for this stuff. (I'll watch them all either way)

  • Thank you

  • Hey Chris. Is the DB starter brand the best one out there?

  • Not all of us drive a Maserati, don't care about invisible scratches.

  • This only works if the snow is nice and soft, fluffy and cooperative. In Massachusetts we get icy mini-glaciers that microfibre definitely can't penetrate.

  • Great tip, but yeah not gonna use it, literally never snows here.


  • This kind of works. If it's wet snow or you throw the snow brush in your car, it heats up then refreezes. Then it turns into an ice block.

  • It doesnt snow where I live. I feel cheated.

  • couldnt you just cover the entire car with a cloth the night before

  • Amazing video bro but where’s the driftstange 😭😭😭😭

  • I LOVE how energetic and positive your videos are!

  • Love this video, short and simple and works perfectly :)

  • I like to use an axe to remove the snow of my car. You wont scratch any of The paint but u Will leave some holes 😂😂😂🤣

  • Holidays like snow

  • If you use a car cover it removes it even faster just take the cover off and you're done

  • The microfiber towel or snow blower is a great idea for light snow fluff ( I personally use the long microfiber duster wand) from family dollar. Note to viewers, keep in mind this is not a tip for heavy snow fall or extreme snow weather conditions

  • save money on buying a cover for your windscreen, just boil a kettle and pour the boiling water on to melt the ice!! (don't actually do this)

  • The best scraper I've used is an old one I've had forever, closest thing I can find is the Road Pro 548003, the acrylic blade is FAR superior to any other scraper I've used, gives a cleaner edge than every other scraper I've used. Anyways, I drive a shitbox in the winter, so paint scratching is no biggie, keep your nice cars nice and buy a $600 beater for winter time so long as it isn't a rare or uncommon car, in that case save and refurbish it so you can sell it for a hefty profit

  • HRdown shorts are better than TikTok

  • Stay warm Chris! 🥶💕👍

  • I learned more in 59 seconds than I have in my whole life about protecting a car in snow.

  • update on your drifting career?

  • Please continue the driftstang

  • This is definitely gonna be useful for me in Puerto Rico.... Eventually.

  • Hey ChrisFix! I was looking at a car to buy and while I was looking at the pictures, it looked like there was a cracked sun/moon roof! Would it be difficult or cheap/expensive to fix? Can it be done DIY? Or does it have to be done by a shop? Or maybe there’s only certain places it can be fixed at? I’d like to here your thoughts and if you could make a video on it, that would be great? Thanks ChrisFix for all the great content

  • Personally I just remove the body panels and kick out the wind screen

  • My heart is in painnnn I have been waiting for months now for a turbo and supercharger and ive been teased relentlessly this brings me back to my days in primary getting teased in the restroom theres only so much a man can be blue balled i need the suprcharger or turbo video before its too late I send this message off to you in hopes that one day itll end this pain and suffering I am waiting to witness perfection Chris so please give me a turbo or give me a supercharger although death would work

    • This reminds me of the time I used to wait months for a turbo and supercharger and teasing this extremely weak kid in primary school. There used to be so many blue ball in that bathroom for years. If only that kid had a supercharger or turbo charger. Oh omni potent being of light show me the way to a turbo charged video for thy I may rid myself of these plebians in hopes that one day Chris will never release a turbocharger or super charger video in order to for him to never witness perfection and instead for him to entrust me with his loyal steed that I used to tease. Chris never forget us and heed no mind to this comment above. One day Chris one day.

  • who is waiting for his new video that he said he was going to post on his Instagram

  • More videos please :)


  • I got a question if a boot keeps ripping on an axel does that mean the axel is bad or getting bad

  • My man where is the Turbo Del Sol build???

  • Guys just pour hot water on it

  • Wheres the supercharger at Chris?

  • I'm still waiting from the first time you do the project and its been 4-5 year

  • what happened to your driftstang

  • Has anyone else ever realized Chrisfix kinda sounds like the US medic from Battlefield 4??

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  • when are you gonna do a drift vid

  • This is super important that you say something where is the Mustang

  • Who else wants chrisfix to be there mechanic ?

  • Before watching ChrisFix videos: “my car has a flat tyre, I’m gonna call the garage After watching ChrisFix videos: car sounded a bit strange so I rebuilt my gearbox and replaced my camshaft

  • Uncle Rey.

  • What happens to the drift sting

  • Waiting on the diy turbo video

  • Hey what happened to the driftstang

  • I just about lost it when he chucked the brush a football field away. In all seriousness, great video! This video, along with How to Prepare Your Car For A Blizzard is helpful living in Nebraska I tell ya h'what.

  • Hey Chris, can u plzzzz put a turbo in the driftstang

  • Or just put a giant bag over the car and remove it ?

  • A towel or plastic wrap will also do wonders for winterizing a windshield in lieu of a proper windshield cover

  • You should make a video on how to wash the salt off your car when its freezing outside

  • Also for the windshield you can use boxes like pizza boxes and hold them down with the wipers

  • Quick tip; Windshield cover and leafblower wont work in Canada

  • Hey Chris, Off topic: What to do my oil and water mixed in reservoir tank? I hope you'll notice me.

  • My neighbors would live me running my league blower at 5am..


  • Who else remember when he gift this car to his dad now u only have to gift a car to ur sister or u all ready did it btw love ur vids ❤️❤️❤️❤️ may god bless u and ur family🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️

  • Hey , im rebuilding my bmw m62b44 engine and i cant really find any specs how much to tighten my screws, does anyone know where i can find something?

  • I use the leaf blower one with super powdery snow and it blew all over me but it got it off

  • Living in Maine this is the most convenient 1 minute video I’ve ever watched in my life

  • yea, thats only for snow without frost...

  • Wheres the video of doing the inside of your 28ft trailer have been looking for it for months :(

  • Us in Texas be like: now can you say all of that in TEXAN?

  • Hi, I know it's a lot to ask, but can you maybe show how to work on like 50cc or 125cc motorbikes because I am about to get a moped and I don't know how to work on them.

  • Can you imagine if this dude opened a Mechanic shop. Hell he would make good money and have FREE video footage everyday. He could have enough footage for a year in 1

  • me laughing because where i park my car is right under an apartment building so it cant get snowed on

  • I got a 2007 Subaru Legacy and the battery has always worked. It was just yesterday that I went for a drive with it and today it just wouldn’t start. I’m planning on giving it a jump start has I have no meter to measure if it’s dead or not. Is this normal?

  • I wish I seen this last month, before the recent snow we got. Then again, I don't have a leaf blower, my wife would flip if I put ziploc bags on my mirrors, I can't find large microfiber towels, and living in the hood would ensure that the windshield mat would dissappear. Looks like I better get use to scratched paint.

  • chris why do you not buy a nissan 240sx like ADAM LZ

  • We don't have snow in here but i still watched your video awesome

  • I’m beging

  • Can you post more please please

  • Can

  • Please upload new video about how to upgrade car sound system and how to add subwoofer and all that . PLEASE . I LOVE YOU

  • All of this can be fixed by a car cover.. Apply car cover on your car when you get home...

  • chris can u pls put a roll cage in your car on looking forward to it so excited

  • Chris: How to remove snow on your car without scratching it Me in Philippines: Hmm first of all, how do I get snow and put it on my car??

  • Chris: How to Remove Snow WITHOUT Scratching your Car Me with faded paint and absolutely demolished clearcoat: *Go on...*

  • @Chris I love these quick tips. Very helpful. Thank you!

  • Hey Chris! I had an idea you might like for a video. I have a 78 Tbird and its windows have scratches from all the years, and I would really like to see if you have an ideas of how to make them look better and improve them at all! I'd hate to replace them, since the pain of trying to find proper replacements and all

    • @ChrisFix they aren't really deep ones where I can scratch, more fine and visual ones but I thought it was with a shot! Hope you're well

    • Unfortunately there is no way to remove scratches from glass you can grab with your fingernail.

  • Hi..I am a big fan of yours and learn lot of things from your videos.Can you make a video about how to fix cigarette burn car seat?