How to Install LED Bed Lights (Fun DIY Project)

Datum objavljivanja: 30. Sij 2020.
Learn how to install LED strip lights in the bed of your truck or under the hood of your car for less than $30. I show you how to wire the white LED strip lights with a push button switch and a magnetic switch so when you open the tailgate the lights come on automatically and illuminate the inside of the truck bed.
You can also install the LED lights under the hood of your car so when you open your hood, the lights turn on automatically or with the push of a button. In this case we are working on a Ford Raptor pickup truck but the LED light installation process is the same on any vehicle.
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Products Used
LED Light Strip:
LED Strip Light (Ebay):
Magnetic Switch:
Push Button Switch:
Very High Bonding Tape:
Wire Connectors:
Wire Protector:
Wire Crimper:
Wire Stripper:
Soldering Iron:

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  • Hey @ChrisFix! I just want to say thanks SO MUCH for your videos! I'm an 18 year old girl who knows absolutely nothing about cars and I've always been too scared to buy one, but with your videos I just got an amazing deal on my first car and it's in great shape! You also helped me prove my boyfriend wrong haha because I changed some brake pads, rotors, and did an oil change all by myself which was the coolest thing ever! So keep doing what you do because it's helping millions!! :)

    • @Milan Braydon awesome! It took about 15 minutes but it actually worked!!

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    • ok girl, keep up the good work.

  • Could you do an under-light installation video too

  • Nice add. I have to confess, I don't trust adhesive on the back of LED strips, so I use VHB all the way around. Other than that, I would say use an eye ring for the wire to the ground bolt, rather than put the wire into the nut. Prior experience tells me that wire will break. My add: The windows of my '76 Chevy 3/4-tone truck are tinted. So, at night, the tint makes seeing behind (while backing up) a lot harder. I added 2 x 6" LED light bars as back-up lights and tied them into the existing reverse-light circuitry. Now, it's like someone turned on the sun! ;^)

  • I did this on my last truck but instead of running a new wire all the way to the battery, I just tapped into the trailer harness and used the wire/pin that powers the trailer lights.

  • I LIKE when he says hey GUYS GUYS chrisfix here

  • Hey Chris I noticed that you said you used 14 gauge wire and the in-line fuse that you linked was gauged at 16, does this cause any issues down the road? I’m kinda new to wiring so I apologize if this seems like a dumb question.

  • So cool and so easy! I just ordered the parts to do this in my 2014 F-150. Thank you!

  • You are awesome kriss fix

  • As an electrician I’m going to use shrink wrap even over the butt connectors. Also I’ll use more zip ties just because I’m a sparky. 😂

  • Blinker fluid.... Lol

  • Wouldn’t the magnetic strip drain the battery over time?

  • All that work for some lights, damn.

  • Hey Chris, I'm trying to understand why the switch is setup on the ground on this install? Where it seems with other light installs the switch is setup on the positive? Please if you could explain? I'm sure it's something simple I'm missing

  • am the only one seen that big jucie nos

  • Your drawing is.... questionable XD

  • Yeah I'm pretty sure they're about as straight as the pipes in the Driftstang...

  • Cant you take power from something in the back? Lights, tow connector etc? And what a shoddy earth.

  • At 0:47 that looks like you can sleep in there! Also, Did I see NOS?!

  • Ma men has some nos in his truck

  • He still has his blinker fluid

  • Thank you for all the videos! You have given me the confidence to attempt and successfully complete multiple repairs on my cars. I have a request, if possible, can you do a video on hardwiring dash cams to the fuse box? I know you have touched on some of the topics throughout various videos but seeing it all together would be great! Front/rear, license plate mount, running wires etc. Thank you in advance!

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  • Could have gotten power from the wiring harness for the 4 or 8 pin trailer connector rather than running a wire all the way from the engine bay

  • Do you work on rc cars too. Lol 😂

  • I can't seem to find the micro magnet reed switch on Amazon. It's showing that it is currently unavailable. What is a suitable replacement for that part? Thanks

  • Man, for bigger led strips a driver would be good :O

  • me: Do not worry europe: Do not worry austrailia: Don't worry 2:36 chrisfix: Do not werry!

  • you definitely need that on a range rover

  • +10 hp

  • can we get a face reveal

  • All good apart from earth

  • Great project. I directly put this onto my bucket list for my truck. Regards from Thailand.

  • Hey I had a rx7 and I had to change the brake pads, oil pressure, new tires etc...and my parents said don't risk it you will end up ruining it but I worked on it for 6 hours and ended up with a rx7 that no one could tell that it was 4 years old So thanks for the videos

  • Nice job, but what if you need to remove that plastic cover? Maybe better idea to put 2 connectors between metal and plastic part?

  • Hey @Chrisfix, I've been following your channel and projects for years, I've always been impressed by your willingness to demonstrate how to do things correctly and not take short cuts. Until this one. As always I was impressed in your methods and how you demonstrate the different way to do thing, crimp w/heat shrink, solder, you did miss in this case heat shrink with solder inside it already. However I was disappointed in the way you grounded the switch in this project. The ground is the point of failure with this project. It should have been tied into a ground point with a proper ring terminal similar to the way it was connected to the battery. the way you connected the ground will corrode or break in short order. apart from that good work, and I look forward to future project.

  • If the button has a little light on it, and you hook it up directly to the battery, won't it slowly drain it down?

  • You will probably never see this comment due to the HUGE number of comments. As an Electrical Engineer who is very particular about how I do things, you do an EXCELLENT instructional video dude! Well done.

  • The link to the LED strip is no longer valid on Amazon. Just a heads up.

  • That ground made me CRINGE!

  • Would the lights get damaged by water though?

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  • He did so good and then half assed the ground lmao


  • that trucks been at your house for 5 seconds and its already rusty, damn.

  • Damn good video man! 💪🏽😁👍🏽

  • too much work lmao i’d rather have a remote for it

  • Great video on how to install these LED lights. That gives me incentive to try it on some LED lights I haven installed because I didn’t know all the steps to do it. Looks easy enough. Thanks for the video!

  • You got the coolest vidoes

  • I know it is basically the same thing but I'd love an underglow or an interior ambient lighting kind of tutorial too! I want to work on my car and install led lighting on the interior so it looks like a luxury car with ambient lighting. And maybe underglow lights that activate when the closest door opens! (Left lights will turn on when left door is opened for instance.) I'd like to hear your ideas too Chris since you know a lot about cars and always have great ideas when it comes to these things! (I'd also love a rear camera or sensor install tutorial since my car has none and I might install them.)

  • can i run the power from my sub amp?


  • What gauge wire should I buy to run from battery to switch

  • thats awesome

    • They work pretty well!

  • Good idea but poor execution...should have done two separate strips instead of leaving the exposed lights close to the cab

  • how do you add more LED lights in my 2019 Ford F-150 if they have some LED's in there already. Can you tap off those connections somehow? I would like to hook the lighting up to be music driven in the truck bed with various colors. Any thoughts?

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  • Bruh the stuff in the truck

  • I have zero intention of installing bed-liner lights, but that did not stop me from watching all 23 minutes of this video. Outstanding job!

  • Hey Chris can u do a how to do bed liner in a truck?. Plz 😭🙏🏽

  • Do you need a resistor/power supply unit or can they be connected directly to DC battery power? I've read that the LED not having resistance will burn them out quickly if direct to battery...

  • Getting rid of that plastic bed liner should have been the first mod.

  • He had a bottle of NOS in his truck...

  • Love the way you have explained it

  • Am I the only one that cringes with that ground connection? I mean after all that silicon, heat shrink and ring terminals to then terminate bare fragile ground wire strand on a thread like that.

    • Thanks for sharing, I've run grounds like that for years and never had an issue!

  • So very cool. Very explicit step by step process on installation. I may do this to my truck.

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  • Thanks for the vid I got a truck tent and fallowed the vid so I could light it

  • why not just use the washer behind the liner so it looks professional?

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  • i would reccomend putting the switch before the lights on the positive side instead of after on negative

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  • I always update my exterior and interior lighting to LED, can’t stand the old halogen lamp

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  • I didn't see the silicone that you were using in the description. I very well could have missed it. is it dialectic grease or is it actually a silicone gel or some sort? thanks

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  • You could have ties into the trailer power in the back. It’s already back there, instead of running a wire all the way back there. The center spot on a 7-wire plug is always hot, as long as it’s connected at the battery. GM trucks come with the wire, but it has to be connected at the battery.

  • Why didn't you just use the bedliner as your switch washer? o.O just curious.

  • Any way to make it change color??

  • 1:02xxxxR2FZGG-G2CDV2-5QLAB2

  • I can't be the only one irked that he did the whole job clean as hell then just threaded a bolt over a bare wire for the ground instead of a ring terminal, etc.

    • I was watching on my tv and had to visit the HRdown app on my iPad just to read the comments after I saw it. There were a few other iffy parts but that bolt threaded over bare wire was too much.

    • @bob m apparently I'm not so 🤷‍♂️

    • That was so disappointing!!! Everything else was perfect, then he didn’t use a ring terminal on the ground!! Glad I wasn’t the only one thinking that!

    • yea Mike you are, if you have a problem, do it right it's up to you.

    • Well, yeah. I was thinking heat shrink up to the bare wire. Put some protection on it

  • the sound of the cicadas in the background are so soothing. Late summer / early fall vibes.

  • Of course I subscribed.

  • Hey Chris, what was the wire you used? does it have to be 14 gauge?

  • I have a question, why didn’t you just steal power from the running lights in the rear. The LEDs should not interfere with running nor break lights etc...

  • Amazing detail as always!

  • Another great video, thanks for keeping it real! @AutoFixEZ

  • Hey ChrisFix, bought the stuff from Amazon, but the wiring diagram for the latch switch is different than yours. Can you say what each cable was for? C, NC, NO, etc?

  • im a kid i like your vids and i like cars

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    • The adhesive backing is water resistant so you should be good!

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