How to Fix a Car that Wont Start (I bought it for $500)

Datum objavljivanja: 6. Ožu 2020.
Car wont start? Learn how to replace a fuel pump and fuel tank. I show you how to buy a car that wont start for $500 and fix it to make a $2100 profit. The car wont crank and the fuel pump and gas tank need to be replaced. I also show you how to replace the muffler so by the end of the video we have a really nice and reliable daily driver!
Video of Detailing this car so it looks brand new:
CRAFTSMAN Mechanics Tool Sets:
Tools used in the video:
150 Piece Set:
Breaker bar:
4lb Hammer:
Locking Pliers:
Torque Wrench:
Ratcheting Wrench Set:
Haynes Service Manual:
Fire Extinguisher:
OEM Fuel Pump Assembly:
Fuel Pump Locking Ring:
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  • So an opportunity popped up with a really good find, so I went and bought it for $500!!! This really shows you what you can do to find your first project car, find a budget suv, etc with minimal risk and a lot of potential reward!!! We used all common hand tools and did this job at home ourselves! Craftsman was bought by Stanley and now they have decent tools for the price! Worth taking a look at for sure! I messed with the 150 piece set for the first time and I liked it. It got the job done and I think you guys looking for your first set would find it to be a good starter set! Here is the link to the tool sets:

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  • Collecting followers, how to? : D The fuse has blown. The fact that you put a new one there and the car starts does not mean that it is after problems. Fuse blown again. I don't believe that the 20A fuse was together with the starter. Replace the fuel pump, check the starter.

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  • The way you solved this sweet Chevy's aches bit by bit, showing what to watch out for, step by step, and the part where you stick the camera underneath the car and showed us, while explaining in detail how to fix it, those are just two of the things you do that make you the best channel in your category on HRdown. I am glad there are people like you Chris with whose help I have the power to fix anything on my car. There is literally no other channel like yours. Much love for you Chris, from Bulgaria(where we have to deal with old cars on a daily basis).

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  • I bought a 2010 X-Type a few days ago, with just 50,000 miles on the clock, for under 2,000 quid. It was pretty dirty inside, like this one, and had a "gearbox fault" which turned out to be just a sticky turbo actuator. Of course it's always a risk to buy a car that's not working perfectly, but when it turns out to be a minor problem, and you fix it, there's no better feeling.

  • I’m sure he has mentioned it in another video, but Clean titles mean that they don’t have any major (according to the state’s standards) repairs that may make this unsafe to drive. Totaled means that it has been in an accident that it was deemed unworthy of being on the road. Salvaged means that it has received repairs to make roadworthy again, but are often expensive to ensure. Always check the title before you buy.

  • My first car was a 2002 Chevy Trailblazer. God what an amazing SUV. Suspension was completely shot and the structural rust damage was so bad that it was too unsafe to drive.

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    • The best part is unlike most rubbing compounds it's extremely hard to put on or apply too much and damage the paint it's great on brand new touchy paint jobs and old worn out faded paint jobs, And better than a wax of any kind it keeps a glossy mirror like finish to the outside I even fix some extremely faded clear coat a few different times with it we're straight on wheels too especially if they're coated not to mention headlights it's better than the headlight restoring fluid.

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