How to PROPERLY Repair a Rust Hole in your Car or Truck (DIY for Beginners)

Datum objavljivanja: 29. Tra 2020.
Rust hole removal and repair. Repairing a rust hole in your car is something that should be done quickly to prevent it from spreading. You can easily do this at home with some practice and get the results you see in this video. I teach you the basics of what welder you want to use and how to weld so you can get started. I answer questions like, should you butt weld or lap weld floor panels? Rust is common at the wheel wells, quarter panels, rocker panels, and floor boards of cars and in this video I show the proper and most thorough way to remove and repair rust.
Buying this car for $300:
Rust Repair WITHOUT a Welder:
Cheap Flux Core Welder:
Cheap MIG Gas Welder:
Welder I Used:
Vent Tubing:
Full Face Respirator w/ Filters:
Rust Paint:
Sheet Metal Nibbler:
Angle Grinder:
Wire Wheel:
Digital Caliper:
Socket Set:

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