How to Repair a DEEP SCRATCH in Car Paint (DIY)

Datum objavljivanja: 26. Sij 2021.
Learn how to repair a deep scratch in the paint of your car. In this case someone keyed my car so I will show you how to remove a deep scratch from that using a touch up paint pen. Fixing scratches in your car's paint is simple and if they are just clear coat scratches it is even easier.
To remove deep scratches you need to clean the scratch, sand the scratch, use touchup paint on the scratch, sand that paint smooth with the factory paint job, add clear coat, and wet sand that smooth with the factory paint. Then you can polish the whole panel and you are done!
Clear Coat Scratch Repair:
Paint Pen:
1000-1500-2000 Grit:
3000 Grit Sandpaper:
5000 Grit Sandpaper:
Polishing Pad:
Microfiber Towel:
Isopropyl Alcohol:

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  • Hey Chris, thanks for the video. I'm trying to fix a similar scratch on my car and am trying to buy these items in Canada (Toronto). Advanceautoparts don't ship to Canada, so any leads on where to get good deals?

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  • I just want to comment on the dupli-color touch-up pens used in the video. While they feature a very clever design, you probably can’t find one in your exact color. The company website does not sell directly, and the pens appear to be available in only a half-dozen colors, at least that is the case at my local auto parts store. That said, the color used in this video was close enough to do a good repair. Maybe you’ll get lucky. Not criticizing Chris, I’m a subscriber and a big fan.

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  • Hey, guys, ChrisFix here! And today, I'm going to show you how to repair a deep scratch in your car's paintwork. You can see right here, we have a really deep scratch that goes across the entire fender which was from somebody who keyed the car, they vandalized it. Now, if you have a deep scratch cause somebody keyed the car because a shopping cart hit it because you scraped up against something or somebody scraped up against you, whatever the deep scratch was caused by, I'm gonna show you how to repair it inexpensively using one of these automotive paint pens. Now, a paint pen like this is around $15 to $20 and I want you to keep that in mind because this isn't gonna get you 100% perfect results. It's not going to be like if they re-sprayed the panel. The best way to repair this would be to sand the entire panel down to remove the scratch and then respray and feather and blend your paintwork into the adjacent panels.

  • Can you also do this to interior pieces? My girlfriend has a VW beetle 2008, and some of her interior is plastic, that is the same color as the paint on the body of the car. Am I able to do the same procedure, on plastic? It's less of scratches, and more like a chip.

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