How to Buy a Budget Friendly Project Car

Datum objavljivanja: 26. Ožu 2021.
Learn how you can buy a project car for less than the cost of a new cell phone! Project cars are great for learning how to fix a car and when you are "done" (project cars are never done), you can be proud to drive the car you fixed up!
In this series eBay Motors challenged me to buy a 24hr endurance race car for the 24hrs of Lemons race series. The car I chose had to be fast, reliable, and under $500!
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  • Thought it had to be under 500 bucks ? I'm confused here

  • "we met half way at 1100 dollars" sir that is not halfway lmao

  • was there a bullet in there

  • Cheap, fast, reliable.... not possible? I think not. TOYOTA

  • F O R E A R M S

  • Almost 8 million subs and we still haven’t seen his face

  • I am so exited to see your video for this BMW

  • uplode pls

  • 03:33 Lol team associated sc10 stickers

  • I recommend the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires for your endurance race.

  • It's an E46 so maybe a P-47 ww2 plane markings like the shark teeth on the front and "bolted" body parts

  • you can try selling air-conditioning components? i mean its a race car i don't think race cars use air conditioning so you can save some weight and sell that stuff.

  • My dad has that bmw

  • For tyre go for semi sythetic low profile it will shed fast but low weight accelerates faster

  • Sell all the passenger seats, it's not like you need two people to drive.

  • chris: you have to choose 2 Also chris : theres accualli 3

  • I see that you want to install battery isolator. Most of BMW’s have little “explosive” in the trunk on the battery cable, so if you crash (hard enough to activate airbags and seatbelt tensioners), the explosive should activate and break the battery circuit itself.

  • Sell the back seats or floor mats if it has any. You can also sell the bumpers if those don’t count as safety. The switches for the sunroof if you delete it you can sell those. The door cards are worth money. Shift knob and boot, ac unit, THE TOOLS IN THE TRUNK!!!!!

  • Please be careful my man! I love bmws and e46. They are fast and safe but please be careful!

  • So the driver seat is safety, but the other seats are not and that’s weight reduction and money if it doesn’t count as safety, the vent covers, people crack there’s easy money, you can sell the glass top but that’s safety but the shade cover isn’t... that’s technically separated and the motor system for it all easy money reductions if they don’t count as safety. Maybe any of the door panels if you plan on stripping the inside.

  • Sell your ac

  • Sell the sunroof glass!

  • Could you sell the wheels since you are putting new ones on?

  • Still looking for parts to sell? I have a 2005 and if the side mirrors have the memory option, the local BMW dealer and I could not locate any driver-side mirror motors with memory in the U.S. last week. The dealership could not even order them. Very hard to come by right now. You could sell the mirror motors and I'm sure you could figure out a way to mount the mirrors back in place. Almost forgot, it looked like you are replacing the inside rearview mirror with the long racing type. Depending on the options (wireless antenna, rain sensor for the wipers, etc..) those are not cheap. Sell the existing mirror and mount. I just dropped $1k at the dealership to have them replaced and programed. Even the non-memory mirror motors are going for $120-180. Oh, and please post a video so I know how to change mine out. Thanks for getting the BMW!!! Good luck.

  • you can sell almost everything from the intirior of the car: Back sits, belts, door panels, carpet... dont forget to sell all the things you find in the trunk... reserve wheel, car jack, trunk intirior... Its not just for profit. the carpet alone is 15 kg, i remember taking all the interior out of a 316i and it was 57kg wait lost. try to balance your car by shifting wate in the car for better grip. it should be really easy to strip sorry for my poor english :(


  • This mug has 7.71m and still stores his cars at his moms house im lost.

  • Damn you got a turbo

  • Well you do very nice videos your red mustang is going to be a project of a god

  • Cris I went to see your face

  • When is the race? Will there be video of it?

  • Sell the ac compressor Moon roof Center console Mats Spare tire and jack

  • Michelin pilot tires

  • I would say all we'll drive as a posertiv

  • 3:24 is that Phoebe Buffay?

  • I want an BMW for 10023 dollars

  • is this the unofficial official face reveal????

  • Google is broken and thinks your Dead. (Just wanted to let you know)

  • Put a wrap of your subscribers namesss

  • "becos"

  • I know this is a bit late, but something that gets broke a lot that you can sell is the vent covers.

  • Mann you need a bigger studio and a garage for sure

  • The team name will be ProjectSupreme ProjectChris JustTheProject GetOuttaMyWay

  • Imagine someone would buy lambo and sale 3/4 of the car and install twin turbo on it and still be on 500$ budget😳

  • I am a massive GTR fanboy and would love to have one. So I guess better learn this stuff to bring my future GT-R from stock to tuned.

  • When’s the next episode?

  • sell passenger seat?

  • Ugh drifting with an muscle car?

  • 21:21 NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Wood trim is life. How dare you.😁 Waiht what? The Jag and Maserati American or Asian? Hmmmm 🤔 *Maserati and the Jaguar* - Wait- so I'm not European? Our family lied to us? *both start building a revenge plan*

  • You can sell Rear seats ?

  • The project car triangle, an absolute banger.

  • Your dog is cute and I Rlly Like ur Videos

  • Hoosier quicktimes

  • i watch you like a TV serious

  • in normal lemon races you can invest as much as you want but when the race ends anybody that offers you 1k dollars you have to sell him the car. soo that stops people in investing

    • That's definitely not how the 24 hours of lemons works.

  • pireli tires

  • People:talking about how Chrisfix said that the car needs to be 7nder 500$ but ends up buying a 1100$ car Me an intellectual: 19:58 *LoOk ItS tHe HuMmEr*

  • The car seet

  • Sell the little wing

  • Idk if you have a video about this but do you have a video about restoring chrome

  • ok where can i get a $500 chevy volt

  • Here’s an idea for the car, conversion from awd to rwd

  • Sell the ac compressor

  • Chris: "I buy a new project car." Parents: "oh sh** here we go again

  • Man i wish that bmw had a wicked spoiler😭😭😭😭 , and I'd recommend the michelin tyre brand and for the theme i dont need to dm u the pic how awesome would it be to have the nfs most wanted 2005 bmw m3 gtr decal on this car

  • Hey ChrisFix can you create a patreon account ? I wouldn’t mind donating if it meant you uploaded more 🙂

  • I learnt a lot of you and I have saved a lot of money because of you

  • You have made a religion

  • Please make some more videos! 😂

  • That Maserati is still shining

  • 8:00 I picked none of the above, My Audi TT was 3000£ and needs constant expensive repairs, isnt at all reliable, and isnt particularly fast. But goddamit i love this hunk of metal

  • Potenza RE71Rs. Got this rec by a friend of mine who does time attack. Good luck.

  • "They are coming down in price." 2.6m views later I'm not sure if it will stay that way very long..

  • Shoutout from Maine!!

  • If I'm not mistaken, I believe the OBD II port needs to be within 18 inches of the steering wheel.

  • Chris i want to translate your videos to my language which is Kurdish and not provided on HRdown or Internet, my Goal is to help a lot of people who don't speak EN.... i want to do it with my own voice , i could not reach your site, maybe not supported in Iraqi Kurdistan. i'm waiting for your answer. i want your permission.

  • Really suprised nice job man!!

  • a BMW it yours good luck on your race r

  • Finally you bought my my favorite car

  • Try selling the shifter knob idk if its worth 30$

  • she’s a runner she’s a track car

  • What if you put flames on the sides

  • Sell the BMW logo on the stock steering wheel if possible. Sell the rear spoiler it's not going to make a difference. Sell the carpet or rugs, the trunk liner, spare wheel. Etc.


  • Its a pretty rare car

  • Thank you for your advice on testing the mass airflow sensor I have a 325xi

  • Good luck to your race btw

  • How I wish to have a project car.

  • 6:42. "I OFFERED HIM 1,000 HE COUNTERED AT 1,700. AND WE MET HALF WAY AT 1,100'. LOL

  • Sell the air for $40!

  • There is game came in 2004 to 2008 “ Need for speed “ in that game in trailer is car make it like that and add spoiler and air scoops that’s all Best of luck for Race. Love from India

  • I'm at a loss. I know you have better things to be doing, Chris, but.. I'm in Australia, and I'm looking for the vg33er engine. Its impossible to find here, and it's hard getting the search engine to cooperate reliably with US listings. Do you know where I could find one?

  • I knew it was a bmw be for you took the tent oof the mirriors

  • I know you said that you can't sell the drivers seat, but are you going to be allowed to sell stuff like the rear seats and maybe passenger seat? What about the air conditioning system? Both of those would not only help get you under budget, but also would be great for weight reduction too.

  • Sell the steering wheel... aren’t you getting a different one anyway?

  • I recommend the Greeva by Valino Tires. Great grip and lasts super long. 360 treadwear aswell.

  • Sell the side miror

  • Michelin is the best

  • What about selling the center console? Tires i would use a Nitto NT555 G2

  • You should do Chris fix livery